What snowboarding has taught me

photo-1418662589339-364ad47f98a2I have been snowboarding since I was around eight years old. I learned at a little resort named Boreal, located in the north-western side of the Tahoe basin. I participated in one of the kids classes there and was instantly hooked. The act of flying down that mountain on this little composite board made me feel like I  was floating..that is until I fell…which I did a lot. Even though learning how to snowboard was one of the most frustrating things I have ever done, I am glad that I stuck with it.

Growing up, snowboarding was a great outlet for my friends and I. We would look forward to the weekends after big snowstorms so we could spend some time on the slopes. Snowboarding with my friends not only supplied me with a fun outdoor activity, but it also showed me the importance of peer criticism and motivation. We were always pushing each other to push our skills to the limit, which both caused us to get better, and get injured. I have carried this lesson with me through my professional and academic career. knowing how to motivate is a crucial skill for team projects, leadership, and even self improvement, such as working out at the gym with friends.

I as i mentioned in one of my previous blogs, learning how to snowboard is a great way to learn about self discipline. Sticking with any new activity that requires skill is difficult, and snowboarding is no exception. Through all the painful wrists and sore knees is an important lesson in perseverance. I’d like to think that the sticking with snowboarding has helped me form a mindset that where I fundamentally need to prove to myself that I am capable of completing new challenging tasks. That in and of itself is worth the cost of a few snowboarding lessons as a kid.

Finally, snowboarding teaches us new and exciting things about nature and people. It gives us an outlet for exploring the elements of winter and gives us a break from technology. The culture and people of the ski and snowboard industry are friendly, passionate, and always willing to share knowledge and stories with beginners. So if you are on the deciding edge of learning yourself or putting your kids in a program, do it! The life skills gained from this simple recreational activity are worth the frustrating weekends and guaranteed soreness.

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