Stress: The Universal Enemy

reducing-stress-2We have all dealt with stress in our lives, plain and simple. Stress is difficult to conquer and more difficult to navigate around. unfortunatley, I have been a slave to stress lately with my MBA classes in fullswing, projects piling up at work, and side projects requiring my attention. If we can’t completely avoid stress in our lives, it’s important to learn how to tame it. Traveling has supplied me with a multitude of stressful experiences. When I look back on these experiences, its easy to see how I have become better at managing stress because of them. So lets look at a few of the ways travel may help you with stressful situations

  • Airport Navigation

You don’t need to spend much time in an airport before you realize how stressful it is. The hustle and bustle of people traveling for business and the seemingly infinite distance between you and your gate can create quite a hectic atmosphere. The main reason airports are so stressful is because of deadlines. Everybody has a deadline (flight departure) that they need to meet or else their already stressful adventure becomes even more complex. Learning how to manage flight times in an airport can help you manage time in general and help you conquer any deadlines you may face in your every day job.

  • Budgets

When you travel to other countries, you run the risk of having a currency exchange that isn’t in your favor. When this happens, it is important to learn how to budget so that your don’t go broke on your third day of vacation. I personally believe that anytime you have to budget, it’s a good learning experience for the future. When you can accurately manage your money, you may spend less time stressed about paying bills and rent on time and are happier overall.

  • Itineraries 

Like I have mentioned before, planning out a trip so that you see all there is to offer can take quite a bit of forethought. I have learned that planning out itineraries on large trips has helped me prioritize projects at work, and greatly helped me plan weekend getaways. When you are forced to plan ahead in any scenario, you take away the stressful on-the-spot questions that often cause unneeded stress.

Have any other ways travel helps deal with stress? Comment below!


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