How to Choose a Destination Abroad


Sometimes the hardest part about traveling is deciding where to go. With 196 countries and hundreds of thousands of cities to choose from, where do you even start? For some people, traveling is a such a common occurrence that choosing where to go right now isn’t a big deal because realistically they will probably get there sometime in the near future. This is every travelers dream, but unfortunately very rarely a reality. For the common working class, extravagant vacations abroad are few and far between, therefore the destination must be perfect.

  1. Decide what type of culture you want.

This is a common mistake that most people make when traveling. The idea of backpacking through the valleys of China might sound like fun, but when the culture shock sets in, it can make a vacation stressful and frustrating. If you want a more Americanized trip with the amenities we are custom to, Europe is a great place to go. There is still plenty of new culture to experience and the ability to shop and have nice restaurants is always a plus. If you want the culture experience of driving down a dirt road in a 60 year old bus while sitting next to an old lady and her pet chicken, then maybe some places in South America or East Asia are right for you. The hidden gems are the places you can experience both in close proximity, such as Santiago, Chile, and the surrounding area.

  1. Choose your preferred recreation.

Once you have decided on the culture you want to experience,   it’s time to choose the activities you want. If you want an Americanized culture with the city feel, maybe you will choose a location like London. If you primarily want to be outside exploring, then a country like New Zealand might be right up your alley. Knowing what you activities you enjoy in your everyday life and planning new locations around those will make your trips infinitely better.

  1. Time it right

I know it’s hard to imagine, but some people actually like visiting places in the winter. Unfortunately, these people are rare. Most of us like to travel when the weather is optimal. This is why timing a vacation is such an important part of planning. Going in the middle of summer to Maui might seem like the best time as far as weather is concerned, but it will also be when Maui is packed to the gills with tourists. Keep your eyes peeled for prime weeks where the weather is good and the tourism is at a low.

Have any other tips on choosing a travel destination? Comment below!

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