Souvenirs and Beer

beer signs

For most people, traveling somewhere new is an exciting and important part of their lives. It is an experience that when looked back upon, brings up happy memories. Souvenirs are tokens of remembrance that have the ability to trigger memories that people want to reminisce about. Their tangible nature helps the owner remember happy moments of their lives. For as long as traveling has been around, the demand for souvenirs has been present. Hundreds of years ago, people would buy items from far away cities and bring them back to their families for keepsakes. Fast forward to 2016, and the average family or couple will spend a couple hundred dollars on souvenirs per trip. Because of this, souvenirs sales have become one of the largest revenue gaining markets in the travel industry.

As a kid, I used to love souvenirs. I would get key chains, knives, model ships, or whatever else caught my eye. Looking back, I’m sure my parent’s wallet surely didn’t appreciate the souvenirs, but they gave me a tangible item that reminded me of our trips. Because I enjoyed these so much, my girlfriend and I decided that we should have our own type of souvenirs. We wanted Items that wouldn’t cause a lot of clutter but can still be displayed for nostalgia purposes throughout the house.

That is where the beer comes in! Since we are both big beer aficionados, we decided that when we visit a new city or country, we will try and find a local brewery in the area. I believe that every brewery is a new adventure, and you never know what you’re going to taste or whom you’re going to meet. Once we are done tasting the local beer, we buy a tin sign with the name of the brewery or one of their beers. Currently we have nine in our kitchen, and they serve as both souvenirs and decorations. Every sign has a story and whenever we look at one, we remember the good times that came with it.

And of course, beer might not be your thing. Maybe you will find a different type of activity that you can do across multiple cities and countries. Whatever it is, finding an activity like brewery tasting can be a fun addition to any trip, and help you gain a better understanding of the city. If you can take home a souvenir from your activity, even better. So get out there and go have a beer!

Have any cool activities you like to do in each city? I’d love to hear about them so comment below!



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