Weekend Escapes: Camping


For most of the working class, it can be hard to find time to truly escape. And by escape, I don’t mean sitting down and browsing Facebook for a few minutes; I’m talking about getting away from work, people, responsibilities, the whole nine yards. Luckily for us, there is a little thing called camping.

No campsite is complete without hammocks

I am lucky enough to live near the greater Lake Tahoe region, meaning that I rarely have to drive more than an hour in any direction for great camping. This last weekend I met some friends up at Frenchman’s lake, located about an hour north of Reno. After a stressful week of work deadlines, business meetings, and class, it was the perfect opportunity to unwind and mentally refuel myself for this week. The campsite was filled with good food, good games, and good company; the perfect equation for a kickback and chill type of evening.

I have been camping my entire life both with a tent and with a trailer. Because of that, I’ve only ever thought of camping as a relaxing event. A few people that I have talked to have mentioned that camping for them can sometimes be more stressful than fun. They don’t exactly know what to bring, how to store their food, or are nervous that their gear won’t hold up like they expect it to. Most of the time people like this tend to over pack, meaning that their minds are trying to remember way to many things while loading stuff into the car or setting up camp. The human mind is not very good at remembering more than 7 things at one time, so it is important that you make the process of packing as streamlined as possible.

My first bit of advice is to not worry about all the little things. What I mean by this is that as long as you have some food, a sleeping bag, and a tent, then you can probably survive. Don’t worry about grabbing every little game or nick knack from your house. In reality, you only need three or four games, a book, and maybe a few recreational items like a hiking pack or fishing gear. My second bit of advice (and one of my favorites) is to have a camping box in the garage ready to go. In this box you can store your tent, sleeping bags, cooking items, etc, so when it is time to hit the road, you can just throw the box in car knowing that all your stuff is already in there. Now if you are trailer camping, this is even easier as you can store all of these items in the trailer during the summer months.

Camping is one of my all-time favorite ways to relax. If you have never gone and are feeling overworked, I beg you to find the nearest campground and head out there for a weekend. The act of having your brain focus on nothing but beer, food, and fishing, can truly help your emotional and mental well being.

Have any tips for making camping less stressful? comment below! I do not have kids so if you have any advice on camping with children, I’d love to hear it, Cheers!

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