A Snapshot of Maui Pt. 2


My last blog detailed the first three days of my girlfriend and I’s graduation trip to Maui. If you have not read part one, check it out here. The first three days were amazing, relaxing, and adventures, so lets see what the next few days had in store!

After sleeping off our Luau from the night before, we decided to start day four with some paddle boarding at one of my favorite locations on the island, Kapalua Bay. This was the first time paddle boarding for both us, and within ten minutes we were paddling around like we had been doing it for years! Ok maybe we weren’t that good but it was fun nonetheless. Once we had spent an hour paddling around the bay, we left for lunch and thought about where we wanted to go next,

Refreshing beer at Maui Brewing.

If you had just spent hours paddle boarding in the warm Maui sun, what is the one thing you would want? Beer, you want beer. After a quick lunch, we made our way up to the Maui Brewing Company. It was at this beautiful moment that I discovered the magical beverage known as Coconut Porter. Maui Brewing Co. has over 26 brews on tap at this location, most of which were quite delicious. If you are a fan of beer, this tasting room is a must do. Later that evening we went to one of Maui’s premier nightlife events called Warren and Annabelles. This is a dinner, comedy, and magic show all in one, and is by far one of our favorite things we did. Tickets are a bit pricey at $100 per person, but it is worth every penny. I even got to put a man in a straight jacket! Sadly he escaped 30 seconds later..

The next day we headed back to Kapalua bay for some scuba diving. We had just been scuba certified the year before, and this was our first time going out on our own without an instructor or dive master. It was also our first time scuba diving in water that was over 45°F, making it much more enjoyable. The folks over at Maui Dive Shop were very helpful and made the process of renting our gear quick and easy. We never made it over to scuba paradise of Molokai, but it is on our list for next time!

Enjoying Twin Falls

The one event that we opted out for was the road to Hana. This is supposedly one of the most beautiful roads in the world, but takes an entire day to complete. Instead, we decided to drive to the top of Haleakala Crater (the main volcano on the island) and spend the day around that area. We drove to the very first waterfall on the road to Hana, Twin Falls, which required a slight hike to get to. Although not as large and mesmerizing as some of the other waterfalls on the island, Twin Falls, satisfied our island waterfall itch and provided a nice rainforest filled hike.

The last day there was spend relaxing on the beach and snorkeling. Maui is a beautiful island with tons to offer, and I would recommend it to anybody looking for a week long tropical getaway. Just remember that it is Hawai’i, and can be quite congested with tourists.

Have any stories about Maui or the other islands? Comment below!



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