A Snapshot of Maui Pt. 1


I have been mentioning my past trip to Maui a lot lately, so I decided it was about time I write about it! When people hear the word “Maui” their brains automatically begin thinking of mai tai’s, crystal clear water, and island waterfalls. As I mentioned in a previous blog, my girlfriend and I took a vacation there last summer to celebrate graduating college (thanks mom and dad!). So once the excitement of graduation wound down, we grabbed our scuba gear, packed our swimsuits, and took off to Hawai’i!


The view from our patio.

The first thing we did when we landed was head to our condo. Luckily we have some family friends who were kind enough to let us reserve their beachfront ‘home away from home’ for the week we were there. Our patio door looked right out to a small private beach on the southwestern side of the island, perfect for viewing sunsets. We knew there were a few major activities we wanted to do while we were there so we spaced out those events and left the time in-between open to random adventures. By doing this, we created a stress-free trip that felt relaxed and easy going, yet structured.

Our first full day started off with some snorkeling at the popular Honolua bay. Unfortunately due to the weather, the snorkeling was mediocre at best. If you ever make it to Honolua, make sure you go on a clear, sunny day! We then spent the rest of the day traversing the west Maui loop, stopping only to buy some banana bread from the locals. We ended the day with some delicious cheeseburgers and margaritas on Front Street.

A cloudy day at Honolua bay still attracts quite a few divers.

On day three, we woke up and felt like going on a hike. We researched a few locations that were on our side of the island and decided on the Lahaina Pali Trail. This local favorite, was about two miles round trip and provided us with spectacular views of the western side Maui and the smaller island of Molokai. If you ever find yourself thinking about doing this hike, keep in mind that there is virtually no shade, so get at it early! Our day three ended with a delicious ‘Drums of the Pacific Luau’ that left us both entertained and full.

Reached the top of the Lahaina Pali Trail!

Have any stories of Hawai’i? comment below! And stay tuned for part 2!



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