Small Changes Lead to Big Changes (and Sometimes Empty Pockets)


When we talk about change, it is important to note that change varies for each person and for every environment. Often times when we mention change we are talking about the micro level activities such as changing a diet, spending more time with family, or hitting the gym more. These micro level changes, although small, are the crucial building blocks to what I would consider a macro level change. A macro level change is the change that occurs when you alter your views, traits, and mindset. For most people, a macro level change is necessary to obtain their life’s ambitions, but they not quite sure how to progress through the change.

One of the main premises of my blog is that spending time outdoors and traveling is one of the best micro changes a person can make in regards to working towards a big picture change. However, even the act of adding a new variable to your weekly routine can revive and refresh the mind. To test this theory, (and because I couldn’t help myself), I bought a 1947 Willys project jeep. Now this is my first ever project car, and needless to say I am still a bit nervous about the project as a whole. I know enough about cars to get by, but not nearly enough to easily get this jeep into reliable driving condition. Maybe reliable isn’t the right word…

The Jeep, A.K.A. the money pit

Even though I know very little about Willys Jeeps or rebuilding a cars, this project will challenge my brain and essentially help me grow. I am hoping to learn many valuable lessons throughout the rebuilding process and hopefully will be able to integrate those lessons into my professional career. By buying this Jeep, I have thrown a new variable into my life routine. I have created an environmental change that forces me to think in new ways. This small change in the way I think will have an exponential effect in the way I conduct large scale change throughout my life.

Now just to be clear, I am not telling you to go randomly buy a 69 year old Jeep like I did. Remember, the project needs to still be fun! Maybe your small change will be learning how to surf or learning a new language. Whatever the change is, remember that the purpose of it is to break a routine and help you grow.

Have any ideas about small changes or advice on how to fix a 47 WIllys? Comment below!


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