Adventures in Austin


For those of us who are saving for a long vacation or trip overseas, small weekend getaways can be  a great way to sooth the travel itch. Almost all of the major cities in the U.S have their own unique culture that sets them apart from other metropolitan areas. This means that each “mini-vacation” to a big city doesn’t have to be the same! As I travel to these cities, I will actively seek out some of my must-see attractions for people who enjoy the outdoors and seek adventure.

So lets start with one of my favorite cities, Austin,Texas. My sister moved to Texas a few years ago which sprouted my multiple trips to Austin. Austin is a beautiful vibrant city filled with fun shops, weird people, and amazing food. For my fellow nerds out there, the city has a very Silicon Valley feel and is bustling with bright minds and hopeful startups. The culture of Austin is unlike any other city in the U.S, and they pride themselves in that aspect. Here are a few fun things to do if you ever find yourself in the state Capital.

1. Enjoy the company of bats

Every night during the summer months, 1.5 million bats depart from Congress bridge to eat. This is one of the top tourist events in Austin and for a good reason. If you are downtown around dusk, its worth it to stop by and witness this awesome nature spectacle

2. Enjoy some Texas BBQ.

No Texas to-do list would be complete without the mention of BBQ. If you are downtown I would recommend Stubbs BBQ. If you feel like venturing to the outskirts of town, Franklins and The Salt Lick are the cities best.

3. Bar hop on Rainey Street.

The Container Bar, Rainey Street. Credit:

As far as night life goes, Rainey Street is one of the coolest bar scenes I’ve ever been to. There are a plethora of cool bars within feet of each other, most of which used to be old residential homes that are now converted to college watering holes. How could this get any better? The street is also filled with food trucks. Yea.

4. Paddle board down the Colorado River

Paddle boarding is huge in Austin. On a beautiful summer day you will see hundreds of paddle boards floating down the Colorado River. I would recommend renting up near Austin high school and making your way down to Barton Springs.

Have any other great ideas of things to do in Austin? Comment below!


3 thoughts on “Adventures in Austin

  1. Great article! I did everything on your list except paddle boarding during my visit to Austin. They all were super fun activities especially bar hopping on Rainey Street. There are also a lot of other fun activities and buildings to explore downtown. I can’t wait to plan my next trip there.


  2. Dana

    Thank you for the great information about Austin, Texas. We also enjoyed the tour of the Capital and of course no trip to Austin is complete until you find that perfect pair of cowboy boots!


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