How to keep the travel bug alive

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I became introduced to traveling at a young age, which I am very grateful for. It started with camping and road trips across the United States and eventually evolved into more elaborate trips abroad. I cherished the road trips my family took me on because it taught me the importance of leaving “home” and experiencing a new area. At the age of fourteen, my family traveled to Europe where we visited the U.K, Italy, Switzerland, and France. This was the point in my life where the light switch flipped on: I love to travel. I loved the feel of being in a new culture and embracing a land that was vastly different from my home in the mountains of northern California.

So now the travel bug was embedded and all I wanted to do was see the world. As I got older, I realized that traveling takes a lot of two things; time and money. When you work a 40 hour a week job, it can be hard to find the time to take that dream trip you’ve always wanted. I am currently struggling with this problem as well, but have found ways to help motivate myself to continue chasing my travel passion. For people who are ready to take the real plunge, check out this blog for some great motivation on leaving the corporate world behind..

1. Create a travel fund.
This was something that my girlfriend actually showed me and is an option supplied by most employers. I created an account for “adventures” at my main bank where a certain percent of my weekly paycheck automatically gets deposited to. This means I don’t have to worry about transferring money over when I get my paycheck and I am less likely to spend it on frivolous items. This money is available for me to spend whenever i feel like going on a trip.

2. Take worthwhile vacations.
This means that you need to completely break away from your work life and enjoy yourself wherever you are. If you are constantly on your phone for work, do your best to turn off your email. Visit places that have a different feel and culture than where you live.Small worthwhile trips relieve stress and can help as a bandaid for the giant travel itch. For some cool cities to visit, check out this article.

3. Motivate yourself to make a change
If you feel stuck in a rut at your current job, actively look for a job that fits your lifestyle and travel wants. Remember to work to live, not live to work. Another alternative is saving up enough to take a long 6 month-1 year trip in between jobs. And as always, change takes effort!

Have any other ideas on how to keep the travel bug alive? Comment below!


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