The Wonderful World of Winter


For many people, winter is the worst time of the year. They just want to fast forward to ice-cold lemonade and poolside sunbathing. Being born and raised around the Sierra Nevada Mountains, I have come to love and accept all that winter has to offer…well maybe not all, but most of it. Don’t let cold weather keep you from getting outside! Here are a few ideas to help get your adventure started.

1.  Snowboarding/Skiing

I have been snowboarding since I was eight and it is by far my favorite winter activity. If there are snowy mountains, then there is probably a ski resort nearby. If you are new to the sport, most resorts will have rentals available and beginner lessons available for 1 hour, half day, or full day increments. Snowboarding has taught me great lessons in self-discipline and is a great sport to invest in. If you’re just starting, don’t give up after the first lessons! After a few months on the slope you’ll be glad you stuck with it.

Snowboarding at Mt. Rose, NV

2. Snowshoeing

If you have been reading my blog, then you know that I have already gone snowshoeing a few times this season. Snowshoeing a great way to experience the snow and wildness at a relatively low cost. Hiking the trails is free and a good pair of snowshoes can be rented for around $25 a day. There are more trails than I care to count around Lake Tahoe so you never have to do the same hike twice!

3. Snowmobiles

Snowmobiles are a great way to see a lot of land in a relatively small amount of time. Although a bit pricey, snowmobile tours and rentals are available around most major mountain ranges. Tours are great for beginners since they follow common trails where the risk of getting stuck is minimal. And trust me, getting a 450 lb machine unstuck out of fresh powder is not a fun experience. Around Lake Tahoe you can rent snowmobiles at or

4. Ice skating and Ice fishing:

When extreme activities like skiing and snowmobiling are a bit overwhelming, it’s time to hit the ice. Ice skating is a fun event for all ages that is relatively cheap and always a good time. Can you remember the last time you saw somebody angrily ice skating? Yea me neither. Ice fishing is another great relaxing activity that is fun for both kids and adults. Just make sure you have the right ice auger and gear, otherwise this relaxing event could turn into a stressful day on the lake.

Winter can offer amazing opportunities to go outside and explore, so don’t let the snow keep you inside! Have a favorite winter activity? Comment below and let me know!



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