How Traveling Helps Time Management


In one of my previous blogs, I stated that many of the trips and adventures I have experienced have helped me in daily activities. One of those crucial activities is something we all have to deal with; time management. Now I am not claiming I am a time managing wizard, but I have definitely improved my time management skills through activities like backpacking, road trips, and airline travel.

As a kid, my parents were pretty good at teaching me time management. Through extracurricular activities, like sports and guitar lessons, I learned that people who show up on time make good impressions. As I grew older I learned that time management is more than just showing up somewhere at a specific time. Complicated projects at work and long road trips all require some form of time management forecast. One of the most important concepts that I learned through travel was strategically planning out certain events to give me the most rounded trip possible. Now some may argue that trips are not meant to be planned out, they are meant to be spontaneous and fun. This is true to a certain extent but in my experience, it is totally acceptable to do both. Plan out day trips in advance but leave room for spontaneous adventures. I digress…Planning trips like these help grow the skills necessary for planning ahead. Anticipating the amount of time something will take or forecasting the length of a project is absolutely crucial in a professional career.

Recently, my girlfriend and I took a trip to Maui. We had certain set events planned out so we knew that we had to plan day trips around those. We sat down one night and outlined some of our trips based on the estimated travel time and amount of things to do at the destination. By doing this, we were able to see nearly everything the island had to offer and always made it back to our pre-planned evening events. And to all you spontaneous trip people out there, yes, we left three days for miscellaneous adventures. Backpacking is another great way to learn how to estimate time. You can set a goal, lets say its reaching the base of a certain mountain by nightfall, and plan out your day accordingly so that you meet said goal. This concept can be applied to almost any project that requires individual tasks.

We will all deal with time management at some point in our career so next time you go on a trip, think about how you can use your planning skills in other aspects of your life. Have any examples of how traveling helped you manage time? Comment below!


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