Patience is key..unfortunately

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Being patient sucks doesn’t it? All our lives we are told that good things come to those that wait. No matter how much we fight that concept, it always seems to come back and haunt us. As a kid, my parents seemed to make me wait for EVERYTHING, although now I can see that they did this to help me as an adult. Lately I have been reminded of how certain experiences in life remind us that patience is key.

Sometime in late January of this year my girlfriend and I walked into the SPCA of Northern Nevada and accidentally walked out with a new dog. Mocha is a great dog but we knew she would need some training such as learning the ‘come’ command and learning how to not pull on a leash. We have been working on these skills around the house but since we are avid outdoors people, I wanted to try and teach mocha some commands in the wild and see how she would behave. To do this, we decided to take her snowshoeing up near Castle Peak, a relatively popular hiking and snowshoeing destination in the Sierra Nevada’s.

Exploring with Mocha

The day we went up was beautiful, sunny, and absolutely packed with people sledding. The joyous screams of small children made Mocha want to run and play but she needed to learn that it was not ok to run directly toward small children. My girlfriend and I stood there for fifteen minutes reminding mocha not to run or whine until she finally understood that if she stopped whining, we could go for our walk. Later in the day, we let her off her leash for the first time and spent hours working with her to make sure she wouldn’t run away. We were establishing confidence and trust between Mocha and ourselves. It was frustrating at times, but we could tell that our patience was paying off. By the end of the day, Mocha was off the leash and staying at our sides.

This dog training probably could have been taught in a variety of settings, but getting outdoors and going snowshoeing is what allowed us to get a better sense of what our dog is like in an unfamiliar area, and reminded us that patience plays a key role in our lives. Throughout our lives, we will become frustrated because certain aspects seem to take too long to come to fruition. Job promotions, 401k’s growing, sushi rolls not coming out on time…whatever the wait, just remember that good things do come with time. As for Mocha, well, I think a few more outdoor training sessions are in store for her.

Have a story to tell about how patience has helped you in life? Want tips on snowshoeing with dogs? Want to just talk about how delicious sushi is? Comment below or reach me on Twitter! I would love to hear what you have to say. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Patience is key..unfortunately

  1. Mocha sounds like a good dog, and I love that you guys adopted her from the SPCA! I hope your dog training sessions go well – it’s definitely not always easy.

    And yes, sushi is so delicious! 🙂 Looking forward to hearing about your next adventure!


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