Adventurers Unite!

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Whether it’s painting, writing, running, or cooking, everybody has a passion that helps define who he or she is. For me, that passion is travel and the outdoors. It doesn’t matter if its backpacking, paddle boarding, snowboarding, or spontaneous trips to unknown locations; getting outside and experiencing the world is a great way to improve ones personal and professional life. When we step out of our comfort zones and into the unknown, we tend to learn about ourselves in ways we probably never intended to. I am a firm believer that by improving our personal lives, we improve our work lives.

I graduated in May of 2015 with a B.S. in mechanical engineering and am currently obtaining my M.B.A. It wasn’t until I graduated and started working full-time that I realized how my passion of travel and unyielding love of the outdoors has helped form who I am professionally. My discipline, organization, interpersonal skills, and time management have all benefited in some way from my passion, and yours can too! The balance of work and play is crucial to reaching our fullest potential.

I currently live at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Reno, Nevada. Being 30 minutes from the picturesque Lake Tahoe is one of reasons I chose to live here. Throughout my blog I’m sure you will see plenty of what the Sierra Nevada’s have to offer, as well as advise from past trips that I have taken across the U.S. and abroad. Together we will explore new lands, plan exciting trips, and understand how our professional and personal lives intertwine. Now pack your bags and with the same passion as Bilbo Baggins, yell, “I’m going on an adventure!”


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