Hello Salt Lake City!


Last weekend my girlfriend, our friend Travis, and myself decided to surprise Travis’s wife for her birthday. We decided to buy Vance Joy tickets and drive to Salt Lake City, Utah, for the weekend. Now I am a big proponent of random adventures and unexpected journeys but I’m going to be honest with this one…I was nervous. Nervous because I had a lot of work to do for my MBA program and really didn’t want to get behind in my classes. Then my girlfriend, Kayla, reminded me that these were the types of adventures I was building my personal brand on. These are the adventures I live for. Once I heard that, the only thing I could picture were the beautiful mountains of Utah and good times.

Ok lets get one thing straight. I didn’t go on this trip primarily for the Vance Joy concert. In fact, I only knew one song by Mr. Joy prior to the trip (now I think I know three, woohoo!). I went on this trip because I knew I would learn something new about the area, my friends, or myself. I love to grow and learn and what better way to learn about an area than to completely immerse yourself in it. After the eight-hour drive through “scenic” east Nevada, we arrived at our hotel and unpacked our stuff. We began the night at the amazing Red Rock Brewery and planned out the next days adventure.

Park City, Utah

On Saturday we decided to see what Park City had to offer. As soon as we got there, we instantly regretted not bringing our snowboards. To make ourselves feel better, we went to a brewery and enjoyed some local beers, food, and each other’s company. Later that evening we headed back to Salt Lake City for the concert. The venue had been changed on us last minute but we weren’t going to let that bother us! Once inside we fought our way through the crowds to a good spot and enjoyed the show. At this moment I wasn’t thinking about school or work, all I had on my mind was the concert and my company. Times like these can be rare in our busy lives, so it’s important to soak them in while they happen.

This trip reminded me that sometimes it’s best to do something a bit out of the ordinary and take random trips. Sometimes when we are at our busiest these trips give us the mental break needed to recuperate our thoughts and trudge forward. After this weekend, my stress had dropped and I was able to finish my school and professional work on time. I felt refueled and refreshed! So go out and take that day or weekend trip you have been putting off, it might help you more than you think!

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Patience is key..unfortunately

photo credit: glogster.com

Being patient sucks doesn’t it? All our lives we are told that good things come to those that wait. No matter how much we fight that concept, it always seems to come back and haunt us. As a kid, my parents seemed to make me wait for EVERYTHING, although now I can see that they did this to help me as an adult. Lately I have been reminded of how certain experiences in life remind us that patience is key.

Sometime in late January of this year my girlfriend and I walked into the SPCA of Northern Nevada and accidentally walked out with a new dog. Mocha is a great dog but we knew she would need some training such as learning the ‘come’ command and learning how to not pull on a leash. We have been working on these skills around the house but since we are avid outdoors people, I wanted to try and teach mocha some commands in the wild and see how she would behave. To do this, we decided to take her snowshoeing up near Castle Peak, a relatively popular hiking and snowshoeing destination in the Sierra Nevada’s.

Exploring with Mocha

The day we went up was beautiful, sunny, and absolutely packed with people sledding. The joyous screams of small children made Mocha want to run and play but she needed to learn that it was not ok to run directly toward small children. My girlfriend and I stood there for fifteen minutes reminding mocha not to run or whine until she finally understood that if she stopped whining, we could go for our walk. Later in the day, we let her off her leash for the first time and spent hours working with her to make sure she wouldn’t run away. We were establishing confidence and trust between Mocha and ourselves. It was frustrating at times, but we could tell that our patience was paying off. By the end of the day, Mocha was off the leash and staying at our sides.

This dog training probably could have been taught in a variety of settings, but getting outdoors and going snowshoeing is what allowed us to get a better sense of what our dog is like in an unfamiliar area, and reminded us that patience plays a key role in our lives. Throughout our lives, we will become frustrated because certain aspects seem to take too long to come to fruition. Job promotions, 401k’s growing, sushi rolls not coming out on time…whatever the wait, just remember that good things do come with time. As for Mocha, well, I think a few more outdoor training sessions are in store for her.

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Adventurers Unite!

Photo credit: jesslively.com

Whether it’s painting, writing, running, or cooking, everybody has a passion that helps define who he or she is. For me, that passion is travel and the outdoors. It doesn’t matter if its backpacking, paddle boarding, snowboarding, or spontaneous trips to unknown locations; getting outside and experiencing the world is a great way to improve ones personal and professional life. When we step out of our comfort zones and into the unknown, we tend to learn about ourselves in ways we probably never intended to. I am a firm believer that by improving our personal lives, we improve our work lives.

I graduated in May of 2015 with a B.S. in mechanical engineering and am currently obtaining my M.B.A. It wasn’t until I graduated and started working full-time that I realized how my passion of travel and unyielding love of the outdoors has helped form who I am professionally. My discipline, organization, interpersonal skills, and time management have all benefited in some way from my passion, and yours can too! The balance of work and play is crucial to reaching our fullest potential.

I currently live at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Reno, Nevada. Being 30 minutes from the picturesque Lake Tahoe is one of reasons I chose to live here. Throughout my blog I’m sure you will see plenty of what the Sierra Nevada’s have to offer, as well as advise from past trips that I have taken across the U.S. and abroad. Together we will explore new lands, plan exciting trips, and understand how our professional and personal lives intertwine. Now pack your bags and with the same passion as Bilbo Baggins, yell, “I’m going on an adventure!”